Mind and Brain

Physics of the Mind
The Knowledge Instinct
Neural Modeling Fields and Dynamic Logic
Combinatorial Complexity and Logic
Dynamic Logic
Higher Cognitive Functions, mathematical and neural mechanisms

Philosophy, Aesthetics, Religion

The Mind, Philosophy, and Aesthetics. Aristotle, Kant, and Pinker
Science and Religion
Symbols and Symbolic Culture
Teleology and Causality (Intelligent Design and Evolution)

Psychology, Cognitive Science, Evolution of Languages and Cultures

Symbols and Symbolic Culture
Perceptual Symbol System: Perceptual vs. Amodal Symbols
Language and Cognition, Mechanisms of Interaction
Language and Emotions, Mechanisms of Emotionality in Languages
Synthesis and Differentiation
Evolution of Languages and Cultures
Music and Cognition, Mechanisms and Role of Music in Evolution of Consciousness and Cultures
Music is an enigma
Synthesis in voice melody
Synthesis in differentiation of emotions

Human Evolution

Historical Flow and Geographic Distribution of DNA and Languages