Dr. Leonid I. Perlovsky

leonid perlovsky

Harvard University

Visiting Scholar,
School of Engineering and Applied Sciences,
336 Maxwell Dworkin, 33 Oxford St Cambridge MA 02138
Telephone: 617-495-7871; Fax:(617)496-6404
Email: leonid@seas.harvard.edu
The Air Force Research Laboratory
Principal Research Physicist and Technical Advisor
Air Force Research Laboratory, 80 Scott Drive, Hanscom AFB, MA 01731-2909
Tel. 781-377-1728; Fax 781-377-8984
Email: Leonid.Perlovsky@hanscom.af.mil


Physics of the Mind
The Knowledge Instinct
Neural Modeling Fields and Dynamic Logic
Higher Cognitive Functions, mathematical and neural mechanisms
The Mind, Philosophy, and Aesthetics. Aristotle, Kant, and Pinker
Science and Religion
Symbols and Symbolic Culture
Perceptual Symbol System: Perceptual vs. Amodal Symbols
Language and Cognition, Mechanisms of Interaction
Language and Emotions, Mechanisms of Emotionality in Languages
Evolution of Languages and Cultures
Music and Cognition, Mechanisms and Role of Music in Cognition
Music and Evolution of Consciousness and Cultures
Mathematics of the Mind, Philosophy, and Aesthetics
Teleology and Causality (Intelligent Design and Evolution)
Why Adam Was Expelled From Paradise, Cognitive Science View
Human Evolution (Historical Flow and Geographic Distribution of DNA and Languages)
IJCNN-2011 Tutorial. Dynamic Logic. Algorithms and Cognition

Engineering Applications

Autonomous Intelligent Sensor Networks
Detection of Patterns in Images and Signals
Tracking and Detection below noise and clutter
Fusion of Signals from multiple platforms
Autonomous Situational Awareness
Radar Imaging through Walls
Search Engines with learning language ability
Cramer-Rao Bounds for optimal system design
Financial Predictions

Program Management

Semantic Web
National Research Council Fellowships Advisor
AFOSR [Integration of distributed information; Cramer-Rao Bounds for Radar System Design; Socio-Cultural Modeling; Cognition and Decision; Technical Monitor for International Programs with scientific groups in Brazil, England, Hungary(TBD), Russia(TBD), Japan(TBD).]


McLucas Award, the Air Force Basic Research award, 2007
Gabor Award, the International Neural Network Society 2007
Distinguished Member Award, IEEE Boston Section 2005
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Editorial Activities

Editor-in-Chief, Physics of Life Reviews
Editor-at-Large, New Mathematics and Natural Computations
Editorial Board Member, Neural Networks (link-2)
Associate Editor, IEEE Transactions on Neural Networks
Guest Editor, Journal of Information Fusion

Professional Service

Member of the Governing Board, International Neural Network Society
Vice-Chair, IEEE Computational Intelligence Society,Neural Network TC
Chair, IEEE Computational Intelligence Society, Neural Network TC, Mind and Brain TF


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Dr. Leonid Perlovsky (leonid@seas.harvard.edu)

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